ghost bike

An old bicycle painted white and locked to a fence or post near the scene of an accident that killed a cyclist. Also: ghost bicycle, ghost cycle.
Example Citations:
Bob Shenton rolled up next to a blood-stained roadway with a bouquet of white flowers for a woman he did not know.
"I'm tired of ghost bikes and I'm tired of cyclists getting killed in this city," said the veteran cyclist.
—Natalie Alcoba, " Cyclist dies after being hit by a truck at Toronto intersection:," National Post, November 7, 2011
Around the globe, all-white bikes are being chained to street signs near the sites of fatal accidents involving cyclists.
They are called ghost bikes — somber reminders of tragedy and intended as a quiet statement in support of a cyclist's right to safe travel, proponents say.
—Kevin Clerici, " Ghost bikes aim to honor fallen cyclists, raise awareness:," Ventura County Star, May 23, 2011
Earliest Citation:
They appeared late Monday around Allegheny County, 14 bicycles painted a ghostly white and chained to poles with a cryptic sign: "Cyclist Struck Here."
The roadside memorials are the work of Ghost Bike Pittsburgh, a loosely organized group of bicycle enthusiasts seeking to improve the lot of bicyclists in a sometimes hostile world.
Its goal with the ghost bike project is simple: "to help Pittsburgh become a city where cyclists and motorists can coexist, to the benefit of both groups."
—Jonathan D. Silver, " 'Ghost bikes' are grim reminders:," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 27, 2004
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